Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Sarong

Been using the Sarong over the last few days. The Sarong is amazingly comfortable for Kay and she loves to be in it – often keeps her sleeping for over an hour without crying. I think the snug feel of the sarong reminds her of her time in mommy’s womb.

The sarong was brought over from Singapore and it comes with an instructional DVD – DVD is actually quite funny as it shows us the features of the sarong, including the availability of a pouch that you can keep your cell phone and tissues conveniently. Of course these are the 2 most essential items that a mom/dad needs to carry in Singapore :-)

I like the sarong too – with the sarong, both my hands are actually free and I can actually do simple tasks like typing this blog entry. Pics above shows the Sarong in action (Paul is a witness to the Sarong's advantages)