Monday, March 19, 2007

Super Sunday Mar 18

This has got to be better than the Chiefs winning the Superbowl!

Essentially, Mar 18 can be summarized as:

  • 5 am: Sching waking up at screaming: 'Hon, My water broke!'
  • 6 am: Arrived at hospital after panick-packing the hospital bags(we are supposed to do it this weekend)
  • 8 am: Told to go home for 8 hours as the cervix is not dilated enough
  • 11 pm: Contractions are so bad that Sching cannot open her eyes.
  • 12 pm: Back to the hospital again - and there is no way we are leaving
  • 2 pm: Epidural administered; suddenly labour seems better.
  • 6 pm: Hey, cervix is ready - Baby Kay wants to be born
  • 7ish pm: We officially welcome Baby Kay to the world.