Sunday, May 27, 2007

The many faces of Kay ..and what's that Smell ???

It's 2 months 2 weeks coming.
Kay has developed quite a wide range of facial expressions : from sulking, giggling, smiling, frowning and pouting. As you can see in our latest post of photos. She has learnt how to respond to our voices and could 'almost' conduct a decent conversation with us. Today, she managed to utter a 3 syllabus sound : "Agaahem" ... with great diction and pronunciation. Whatever that means we don't know.

Enjoy her latest photos here.

It's spring inching into summer, so we are enjoying our backyard quite a bit. Kay enjoys sitting out with us and watching the trees sway in the wind. I think she also spotted a few flying geese overhead one day. Cheeyuen purchased his second toy of the season. It's a TORO gas powered, self-propelled 22" lawn striking red. Did a test drive on our lawn after we got it today. Pretty cool. Having lived in the city all our lives, we are virgin lawn-mowers !

Today is major shopping day, we also bought a truck load full of storage furniture from IKEA. Kay is pretty good when we are out shopping, she basically sleeps through it in our arms or in the stroller. In fact, she only takes afternoon naps when she is in the car or when I bring her out in the stroller. She loves to be on the move. We'll see how that plays out in a month or two.

For me, I'm getting really attached to the milk and saliva smell in her hair and her breath...oh, my baby. Makes me feel very blessed when i hold her close and smelling her tiny hands...which by the way, could get pretty stinky at times. One day, her hands and mittens smelt like wet dirty socks...eewww. Took a few days to shake that smell off despite all the washing we did . But regardless, I'm still feeling the fuzzy warmth whatever she smells like ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Feeding, First shots, moving house, bath time, birthday, new car, mother's day and more boxes ..

wow it seems like ages since i had time to write in this blog.
Many things have happened amongst the feedings, pooping and crying.
Kay is almost 2 months old now.

View out from our driveway to our new neighbours across Manitoba street.
Our driveway is huge... parks 5 cars ! Lotsa snow-shovelling to do in winter too.

Feeding time : Taken from my angle of view... how angelic she looks while sucking away.
Thanks to Joan for the "Lin" one-sie / t-shirt...she looks really cute in it.

The after-math ... spitting and burping

First shots:
Kay got her first 2 vaccination shots at Dr Tolkin's clinic on May 4th. I'm still not sure what they are for...just got to trust the pediatrician. Well i think Kay was really brave. Only started wailing after 3 seconds when the needle was out. All is good after a little breast milk...the only place to do it was a bench in the corridor which had a great view of the Don Valley area.

Moving house:
The move went well i guess. Kay and I wasn't really part of the action. We went to the house early that morning and set up the diaper / feeding station. Then basically waited. Rod arrived first with some stuff in his car. Followed by Cheeyuen and Andrew. The moving guys from Sven was right behind. Seems like a breeze ...but poor cheeyuen must be totally tired out. He still had to go back to the condo to get the cats. In the end ... came back with the cats and another car-full of stuff. Amazing...and thanks again.

Bath time:
Has been fun so far. Kay really loves the water. Might take her swimming in the summer. We think she looks cute in the Duckie Towel from pottery barn kids...thanks to Dzeneta.

Happy belated birthday to Cheeyuen. His first birthday as a daddy. As expected, there was no present from me...all i can do now is online shopping. Will make it up to him some time later and in other ways i guess. All Kay needs to do is to give him a nice big smile.

New car:
Well, i guess he did get himself a big present. Collected his brand new Mazda 3 sport on his birthday. A nice black number with shiny rims. Looks great in the driveway next to the Acura.
Will post photos when I find the charger to my's still in one of the boxes.

Mother's day:
Was extra it actually means I'm being celebrated. My mum was the first to wish me happy mother's day with an e-card. Cheeyuen got me a cute toy with a bobbing head. Kay basically just spit all over me and then gave me a big smile.

More boxes:
Yes, 70% of the house is still in boxes. It's hard to have baby and try to unpack. Plus we need to get storage furniture before we can put things away. So far we have bought 3 big items online ... our TV entertainment unit (which looks amazing), our bed and dining chairs. Love the internet.

Some random images taken before we moved :