Sunday, May 27, 2007

The many faces of Kay ..and what's that Smell ???

It's 2 months 2 weeks coming.
Kay has developed quite a wide range of facial expressions : from sulking, giggling, smiling, frowning and pouting. As you can see in our latest post of photos. She has learnt how to respond to our voices and could 'almost' conduct a decent conversation with us. Today, she managed to utter a 3 syllabus sound : "Agaahem" ... with great diction and pronunciation. Whatever that means we don't know.

Enjoy her latest photos here.

It's spring inching into summer, so we are enjoying our backyard quite a bit. Kay enjoys sitting out with us and watching the trees sway in the wind. I think she also spotted a few flying geese overhead one day. Cheeyuen purchased his second toy of the season. It's a TORO gas powered, self-propelled 22" lawn striking red. Did a test drive on our lawn after we got it today. Pretty cool. Having lived in the city all our lives, we are virgin lawn-mowers !

Today is major shopping day, we also bought a truck load full of storage furniture from IKEA. Kay is pretty good when we are out shopping, she basically sleeps through it in our arms or in the stroller. In fact, she only takes afternoon naps when she is in the car or when I bring her out in the stroller. She loves to be on the move. We'll see how that plays out in a month or two.

For me, I'm getting really attached to the milk and saliva smell in her hair and her breath...oh, my baby. Makes me feel very blessed when i hold her close and smelling her tiny hands...which by the way, could get pretty stinky at times. One day, her hands and mittens smelt like wet dirty socks...eewww. Took a few days to shake that smell off despite all the washing we did . But regardless, I'm still feeling the fuzzy warmth whatever she smells like ...