Saturday, June 16, 2007

it;s finally summer

Big kiss for the princess

The boss...sitting on our new sectional sofa

Knowing her ABCDs

Keeping cool.

The big Discovery

hey i never thought i'd say this, but the good ol' warmer season is here. Days have been hot and humid, but i guess not quite in the same intensity as in Singapore. It's still bearable if you turn on the fan.

Kay has finally hit the 3 month mark and made quite a few milestones along the way.
On June 2nd, she slept from 11.30pm to 7am....the longest ever. Then after that it is back to the 4am & 7am feeds. But it's a start and we're happy. ..sorry i meant I'm happy cos' i'm the one waking up :)...sorry hon.

The next weekend June 8th, she has also started discovering her own little hands and few days ago ...her feet. It's the most amazing thing to see her explore and inspect her little fingers and finally understanding that they belong to her.

2 nights ago, she actually fell asleep without much effort on her own baby crib, in her own room. Yes, the first steps to a little independence, we hope. Well, she's been sleeping in her stroller next to my bed all this while.

Well, as she gets more alert during the day, keeping her occupied becomes eminent to my sanity. She gets bored by the same scene/ toys more easily now. And guess what, she has started to watch the tele. In fact, we went through 85% of the movie "Happy Feet" yesterday on the computer. Currently, her favourite book is "Peekaboo" by Sesame street and "Abra Cadabra" the online storybook.

Also, thanks to aunty Kate for starting her on the ABCDs...and the ACDCs. She looks like a really cool rock-chic.

She's feeding on my left arm while i'm typing this.