Saturday, July 28, 2007


Tis the season for BBQs... here are snap shots from the recent gathering of Cheeyuen's Telus team in our backyard.

Grandma giggles with the girls

the experienced mamas at work

girls talk
joyce, baby kay and baby cheeyuen

mmm...the spread on the grill

the crowd

grandmamas love kay

super gal !

the boss.

No pain no gain

Oopps... the little bald patch 'exposed' !

Kay on the throne...

ghetto baby

Kay and Gabe at the "sushi-nazi's" restaurant in Newmarket.

Kay the serious baby and Rachel the "wan-pei" baby

wow... it's literally 3 weeks of "pain in the boob" for me.
I have been suffering from Mastitis, apparently common in nursing mothers, with clogged milk ducts that turn into an infection. It's been pretty tough for Kay and I to go through this period. I had to take care of her alone with cheeyuen being away on business for a couple of weeks. And because of the antibiotics i'm taking, Kay has to be forced to go on the bottle 'cold turkey'. For the first few days, she was just wailing and screaming her lungs out, probably from missing the breastmilk and the closeness of nursing.

Her voice turned hoarse and husky. Her poo turn dark green. Poor girl.
But she's doing really well now... almost fully adjusted to formula milk and getting into a good sleep schedule. She actually sleeps for 9 hours at night and naps really well during the day. She's back to being a happy baby and so is mummy & daddy.

Well, i'm still in the process of recovering and would probably start thinking about stopping nursing after that. I want to start enjoying my time with Kay and not deal with my own bodily pains for a change. There is so much pressure in this society to breast feed that it's become ridiculous. Anyway, i have already done my dues for the past 4 months, enduring the constant throbbing pains. So Kay, better be thankful to mummy.

She is our little angel. A very serious one, nonetheless, who likes to watch and observe and learn. Drooling and spitting up as we coax a little smile out of her. Watching her grow has been the most fascinating thing ever. She is now playing on her own on the exersaucer and making friends of her own. Well, I set up the playdates but she makes the friends. Rachel and Gabriel are her first two pals. It'll be fun to see how they grow up to be.

That's it for now. We just had BBQ with Yolande, Jay and AJ in the backyard. Need to take a bath and continue with our 6th episode of "24" on the computer. With Kay sleeping better, Cheeyuen and I are enjoying more time together doing our favourite past-time...watching TV serials.

Monday, July 2, 2007

canada day weekend

Kay and Rachel

July 1st celebrates Canada's 140th birthday, and also Kay's first as a CBC :)
We could see the fireworks from Stouffville's Memorial Park from our own backyard...isn't that cool. It went on for about 15 mins at 10pm last night, while Kay was sleeping.

We had friends over the night before to have a BBQ and also to enjoy the strawberry festival in Stouffville. Turned out that no one made it to the festival, which was really lame with nothing more than a few stalls with miserable baskets of tiny strawberries and shops selling sunglasses. The BBQ itself was pretty fun though. Nice company good food.

Samantha, Rachel and Sean came in tow with their yellow Bumbo seat, which Kay seems to love as well. It's a great little stool, especially for little ones learning how to sit upright. Rachel has grown into a playful little baby with a great head of hair. She is almost 2 months older than Kay. Hmmm...I wonder when Kay's bald spot in the back of her head will grow hair ?

Lydia and David are the excited new parents-to-be. About 15 weeks into their pregnancy they are just at the beginning stages of trying to learn all about the journey ahead....diaper changes, types of strollers to buy, what baby needs for the first days at the hospital and listening to my ranting/ complaints about breastfeeding and stuff.

Zahra brought us a cheesecake for dessert and told stories about a drug bust in our old condo and her 99cent dinners. Well, she is our ex-neighbour at Avondale. So apparently, the guys in the flat next to us might be involved in the drug bust in some way...the story didn't really have a conclusion. And she is pretty upset by me saying that she didn't have a good photo in her Facebook profile. :) ...we were just teasing her and she fell for it. Anyway, she will be moving to Sudbury in August for a new job.

Well, as for Kay i think she is beginning to notice food that is not breast milk. She makes suckling motions with her mouth when i hold an ice cream stick in front of her. But i didn't work with chicken i think she's going to have sweet tooth like mummy.