Thursday, August 30, 2007

First cereals and carrots and new friends

Time seem to pass as Kay heads into her 5th month. After that routine check-up on Aug 21 at Dr Tolkin's, we got the go ahead to start on solids. First attempt was not great as Kay was still pushing the food out with her tongue. Second try was much better, she finished 3 tablespoons of rice cereals mixed with bananas. This week i started her on carrots.

Just 2 days ago, the funniest thing happened Kay actually fell asleep while i was feeding her cereals and carrots. She started nodding off in the bumbo chair, with a face full of gooey cereal. Didn't care a bit about how messy she was...just drifting off into Neverland. It was too least to me. :)

Well, we think she may be teething as there has been 'painful' cries from her with lots of gum chewing and scratching of her hair. It's good that she has met a few new friends at the neighbourhood cafe who are all going through the same experiences. They are all March babies. Niall (March 12), Paige (March 15), Kay (March 18) and Mina (March 24)....oh and one bigger brother Andreas (Feb 13). We meet every Wednesday mornings at Jo's for a cuppa and share our week with each other. It'll be fun to see them grow up together. Hopefully we'll still be in touch to celebrate their first birthdays together.

Right now, I just hope that I recover from "thy wretched pain in the breast" !!!! These demonic swells just won't go away. Yes, i got the mastitis back again. Now on my 4th course of meds. But everything will get better and we are just grateful that Kay sleeps through the night.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A day by the lake...

It was a nice day and what would be better than having a picnic by Mussellman Lake... our friend Thuwaibah was visiting from downtown. So off we went, with fish and chips "take-out", an old quilt cover, and enough milk for Kay. It was a nice 3 hours lazing by the water. Everything would've been perfect if not for the parking ticket we got !! It was just too bad that we stepped away to get ice-cream...for 5 mins. Darn ! Anyway, it was an expensive picnic but we had a good time.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hot summer's day

Cool dude ?

My sweetie pie...

Moving around the cot as she sleeps

Kay and Niall at Jo's

You would think that summer is good for going out, but with the heat blazing at 35 degrees we are forced to go to the malls or stay at home. It is still very hot when we headed out to the post office at around 5pm today. Kay was soaked in sweat when we reach there, and it was just a 5 minutes drive away. With all that padding and tight-buckles on the car-seat it can get pretty warm for her in the back on a hot day like this.

Just wanted to note that I've fully recovered and life is back to normal. Kay is sleeping extremely well at night, usually from 9pm to 6am and goes back to sleep after the 6am feed. And we have noticed that she moves around quite alot in the baby cot during the night. She is usually in a different part of the cot every time we check on her. Even though I haven't seen it for myself, I think she is probably able to flip back from her tummy position onto her back. She wasn't able to do that last week. This week, she has also discovered her own toes.

Wednesday, we went out for coffee at Jo's cafe in Stouffville with Rossana and baby Niall. They are such cuties together. Both of them born a week apart. ...12th and 18th. We'll try to make the meetings more regular since we all live in Stouffville. It was fun.

I'm beginning to think about what i want to do after this year ends. With the EI running out, I'll have to do something for sure, even though I'm really enjoying my time with Kay and would love to continue looking after her. But it must be pretty stressful for Cheeyuen to be shouldering all that financial burden. It's hard to find romance in our lives when we're both tired at the end of the day. (Read : we just want to fall asleep in our bed) But Kay is always there to cheer things up and bring the love back into perspective.

Both Kay and Cheeyuen are fast asleep now as I'm typing this blog. It feels really nice to have some time to myself and just reflect on the day that went by so quickly. Right now, I need to find myself back again...start reclaiming my body, mind and soul. I feel as if I have given them all to Kay since she came into this world. Never thought it takes so much to be a mother. There's really so much to learn.