Thursday, August 30, 2007

First cereals and carrots and new friends

Time seem to pass as Kay heads into her 5th month. After that routine check-up on Aug 21 at Dr Tolkin's, we got the go ahead to start on solids. First attempt was not great as Kay was still pushing the food out with her tongue. Second try was much better, she finished 3 tablespoons of rice cereals mixed with bananas. This week i started her on carrots.

Just 2 days ago, the funniest thing happened Kay actually fell asleep while i was feeding her cereals and carrots. She started nodding off in the bumbo chair, with a face full of gooey cereal. Didn't care a bit about how messy she was...just drifting off into Neverland. It was too least to me. :)

Well, we think she may be teething as there has been 'painful' cries from her with lots of gum chewing and scratching of her hair. It's good that she has met a few new friends at the neighbourhood cafe who are all going through the same experiences. They are all March babies. Niall (March 12), Paige (March 15), Kay (March 18) and Mina (March 24)....oh and one bigger brother Andreas (Feb 13). We meet every Wednesday mornings at Jo's for a cuppa and share our week with each other. It'll be fun to see them grow up together. Hopefully we'll still be in touch to celebrate their first birthdays together.

Right now, I just hope that I recover from "thy wretched pain in the breast" !!!! These demonic swells just won't go away. Yes, i got the mastitis back again. Now on my 4th course of meds. But everything will get better and we are just grateful that Kay sleeps through the night.