Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Tooth and a new boob for mummy

It's so exciting, so joyful, so heartwarming and sometimes so painful (for me, at least). Kay just cut her first tooth today. Bottom right front tooth to be exact. And she is a happy chubby baby as usual, loving her rice cereal with peas and carrots. I actually love...I mean really enjoy making baby food. Steaming the bag of organic baby carrots, blending them with the Magic bullet and routinely spooning them into little containers. It's fun. So far we haven't bought a single jar of baby food, except for the cereals. So... Kay is happy and learning the game of peek-a-boo.

Mummy on the other hand is not so great. My big infection has finally become the "worse case scenario" according to all the handbooks and internet resources. But good news is there is nothing a little surgery wouldn't fix. So I went through that on September 12th and the real ordeal of dressing/ packing the wound starts. Dr Pallister told me it was the worst abscess she has ever seen and they drew out about half a pound of green pus. Not a very pretty thought, especially when they also have to pack the inside of the open wound with 4 metres of gauze-tape. And guess what, i have to continue doing this packing and unpacking everyday until the cavity heals from the inside out. Well, at least i don't have to do this myself, a nurse would visit me everyday until i recover. For a person who totally blacked-out at the sight of blood, the thought of all these would have killed me. But I think I handled it pretty well, especially when I've got such great support from Cheeyuen and also when I see the sweet, toothless smile on Kay's face. Well, guess i just needed to get the bad stuff out of my system so the good things will follow. Just doing my time for some bad karma I've acquired somewhere along the way.

Anyway, my mum is on her way to help out with my recovery and also with Kay. She might be at the airport collecting her luggage from the belts right now. Cheeyuen's gone to pick her up. It must be a journey of anxiety, worry and excitement for her and a pretty long one from NZ. Kay will be seeing her grandma for the first time when she wakes up in the morning. All will be better tomorrow. Right now I just feel blessed to have a wonderful husband who's been doing all the baby carrying-bathing-changing-feeding, cooking, working and caring for the past week while i was in pain ...and actually for the past nine years. Thanks hon. This will just be a post without photos, but with a lot of heart.