Friday, October 19, 2007

One month of getting better ...

It's been one month since i last posted anything. It's been a great one month full of life experiences, more pain, more love, more milestones and more of everything. It's all good. I've now learned to look on the bright side whenever things get bad, well you know what i'm talking about. My second surgery was essential and it ended up being a good thing. The healing was faster as it didn't get as bad. Well, things are made better with mum being here to help with Kay. It's been a real blessing. In the end Kay got the best bargain of all...she got to meet grandma and all that extra attention. Though the nurse still comes in everyday to change my dressing, it ain't as bad as the beginning. Thanks Nurse Carol, for the daily doses of humour. I have a lot to be thankful for this month. Great mum, great husband, great baby, great friends, great nurses, great health care...great to be alive.

Went for Japanese buffet today with Paul, Sarah (from NZ, doing an exchange program in ryerson) and my mum. Haven't had so much food in a long time. And Kay....she's a happy baby. Had her first encounter with Shrek today and was a little frightened. So funny. :)