Sunday, November 4, 2007

First halloween

Trick or treat in Stouffville can be pretty fun, especially when you have 10 cute babies all dressed up for the occasion. Our mom's group in stouffville is growing and it will be nice to be able to see the little munchkins grow up together.

Last 2 nights has been pretty rough for Kay. Poor girl is down with runny nose, cough and a slight temperature. This is the first time she has fallen sick. She couldn't sleep nor eat very well and that in another way translates into my day as well. Spent 4 hours trying to put her to bed tonight. Felt a bit like being back in the first month again. Anyway, beside having snort all over her nose she is still pretty active and cheerful during the day, so i'm not so worried. Since it's a virus, Dr Tolkin couldn't give her anything. So we did the good ol' Vicks rubs on the feet and chest....and of course Tylenol for infants in yummy White grapes flavour. Not sure if any of it worked, but it gave me some peace of mind. It's hard to see them in pain.

Now i know how my mum felt when she knew i wasn't well. Anyway, my left wound has completed healed to the surface last week. Yoohoo !! Time to celebrate with champagne and wine, maybe not yet. Can't wait for rightee to be done as well. There is still 2.5 cm to go and I have a bottle of nice Cabernet waiting to be popped. Come November 11th and I would have gone through 2 full months of wound dressing. What can i say, except that I've got a great nurse and it's healing well. Carol, if you are reading this, thanks for yanking that packing in and making sure i get my daily dose of humour as well. Hmmm...felt like i have written this before.

Realised that I haven't posted much about my mom's visit. I guess it's the heart-felt warmth and a really a sense of family that cannot be described by too many words. We are just really glad she was here to help and be with us. Wish we brought her to do more sightseeing of the city, but at least she covered the 2 main attractions: Niagara falls and Chinatown. At least one of them is in Toronto. :)