Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Front teeth for christmas

Kay will be getting her two front teeth for christmas this year ! The best present ever. Well, abate the running nose and slight fever from the tooth eruptions, i think she'll be happy to take a real bite at her food. I just hope she gets well before our long trip to NYC this weekend. It'll be tough travelling with a baby who is unwell. Wish us luck.

Oh she is 9 months old today ! Ok better jot down those important dates first.

Dec 12th - front left tooth showing
Dec 14th - front right tooth showing
Dec 18th - front left left tooth showing

This has been a busy season for us, with tonnes of sewing, baking and meeting up with friends. The Jo's moms gathered at our house to sew tag blankets for the little ones, so we had sewing machines taking up our whole dining table for the whole of last week. As you know, it's hard to really get anything done, with the babies crawling, feeding..and napping. But it was always nice to get together. Will post pictures of the projects we made soon.