Friday, January 18, 2008

A New year indeed...

The year usually only begins for me after my birthday. Many thanks for the birthday wishes, coffee treats, lunches and dinners. My indifference to birthdays, especially my own, seems to have lost steam this year. I'm unusually happy. It was something my friend said that really sunk in and tugged at my heartstrings.

Every year I get older and every birthday I celebrate, will be another year I spend with Kay....and Cheeyuen. Thanks for putting this wonderful line together...Thubee.

Our 10th anniversary marked by the birth of Kay really is an extra special milestone for us as a family. I'm saying my prayers and thanks as I'm typing these words on my new Mac book. Haha, can't help but brag about it. Yes I have been spoilt, this year and every year by my dear husband. And that special locket will contain these beautiful memories forever and will one day be passed along to Kay.

It's been quite a holiday season for us. Trip to New York (thanks for the hospitality Joyce & Chungwoh), first Christmas tree, Dinners, Lunches, baking and making truffles for friends. Our only regret is not having family around. Times like these make it especially hard to ignore this reality. We are seriously thinking of sending Kay back to Singapore for her summer holidays once she hits 6 years old. It will be a great way to instill some independence and get her acquainted with family and traditions there. That is not too far away I imagine :) now that she's turning one soon.

Right now I'm just wishing for this season of colds, teething and nasty coughs to be over for my precious little Kay. It's been dragging on for more than a month now. Dried up snort on her face has almost taken over her rosy cheeks and become a permanent feature. That said, nothing has dampened her spirits so far and nothing is stopping her from roaming around in quick steps on all fours. Standing up for 10 seconds on her own is the new record of the day. Maybe she would take her first steps by her first birthday. It's an extremely surreal feeling to see them gain this new independence. That baby that was so fragile, small and helpless is finally growing up. Kay is officially 10 months old today.