Monday, February 11, 2008

Now I wish you were making a fuss...

The many ironies in life, like wishing that Kay is now fussy and throwing her cheerios on the floor, instead of lying in bed listless. Poor girl is having the runs in her diapers and vomiting everything she takes in. Worst of all is seeing her so dull, tired and drowsy, with a frown in her eyebrow. She is in pain and there is nothing I can do to help. Made an appointment with the Pediatrician this afternoon, so we'll just have to wait. Luckily, she just had another bottle of milk with no vomits so far...and drifted back to sleep. Let's hope it stays in.

We are supposed to start taking her to the babysitter tomorrow and thursday, but i guess that will have to be postponed until she's well. Yes, we found a nice Turkish lady, named Ozleyis, to take care of her on Tuesday and Thursday so that I can clock in some work during the day and go meet clients. I should also be starting to prepare getting my business officially set up in March. That is the plan, at least. Let us just get through this and make sure Kay is well again.

February 9th - Well on the brighter side, it was just 2 days ago , that Kay started making her first step. Yesterday night, she was still happily scooting around on the walker...for the first time, and pretty proud of herself for doing it.