Saturday, March 8, 2008

Walking for the first time

It's exciting times. There is huge snow storm outside and Kay is turning one next week. There has just been too much snow this winter.

March 6th- Kay has started walking two days ago. She made her first steps before that, but this time she actually walked all the way from the sofa to the TV, while chewing on a toy in her hands. It might have been an unconscious effort because she hasn't gone that far ever since that day and started crawling again. But we are hopeful that she'll do it again before the 18th. She has started taking the walker for a walk literally and changing directions as she pleases, and it's been so much fun to watch. Her hair is also getting fuller, soon i'll be able to put a bow on it.

Well, reality has started to sink in as some of the mommies are going back to work in the next few weeks. We cramped quite a lot of activities into this week's agenda as these days are coming to an end. Hope we'll still stay in touch after that.... it has been fun times.

Kay is adjust well to her new baby sitter, but there is still some screaming at the door when i leave in the morning. But she'll have to get use to it i guess. I'll be submitting my business application to the government soon, so it may mean more days at the baby sitter for her.

Oh, just to a note to wish my mum a Happy Birthday today and all woman ... Happy Woman's day.