Saturday, April 5, 2008

Freedom and Saying "No"

My little girl has gone pass the one year mark and in style I might say. She is walking around hands-free and mommy-free nowadays. So it makes her look so cute in little dresses that previously get dragged along the floor. Well, of course mommy cannot wait for her to wear all those dresses in summer and for our trip to Tropical singapore.

Asserting her feelings more and learning to say "No" while shaking her head was the latest of her many antics. She would pick out the omelette pieces i have mixed with toast on her tray, show it to me and shake her head to say she didn't like it. Talk about being specific. This girl sure knows what she likes and doesn't like. People say that is good because I know exactly what she likes, but I'm torn as I also want her to try everything so that she can have a wider range of food.

It is finally sinking in that she is really growing up ... FAST !