Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poor baby with the runs.

It's now Day 4 of changing poopy diapers and no appetite. Touch wood the vomiting seems to have subsided. Kay is down with stomach flu or so the doctor says. There is nothing they can do because it's viral. But come to think of it, there is nothing much the doctors do here except tell you that you have to wait it out. No medication and no relieve for my poor baby. It's hard to watch them go through so much pain. All that crying for an hour and half before bed was excrutiating to my ears. Sometime i wonder why anyone would bring a baby into this world of suffering. I would think there is more to having a baby then to propagate continuity of a species. But when I see them suffer like that I'd rather face extinction. Then again, when you see them smile and give you a hug and kiss, you wished there were more of them. Life is so full of ironies.

She looks fine in the photo but her tummy was actually rumbling inside. For the past 3 days we have been hibernating at home hoping not to spread it around. Playing in our backyard wasn't too bad either. We'd spend half an hour playing on the swing, doing the slide, walking around plucking the tall grasses that daddy missed while mowing, and just watching the birds catching worms in the neighbour's yard.

Wish my baby well.