Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today's rant, TV and the night

Last night's story is pretty much becoming a trend in this blog. I'm wondering if she will ever sleep in her own crib again. I don't think she has slept in it for more than 2 times this whole week. And when she did, she went down screaming and crying her lungs out. Maybe that's why she hates the place. But I do need a break sometimes. Kay decided to wake up at 1am ... crying. So we gave her some tylenol for teething pains and we stayed up watching TV and went to back to bed at 2am. Fun times.

Well people think 3 days at the baby sitter seems like a lot of time for me to find time for myself. But no one really understands. No one. The time it takes to set up your own business is 24-7. You'll be constantly thinking about ways to make things better, plus on-going projects, plus trying to get new clients travelling downtown, plus administration, plus running around to meet suppliers. I have to do all that in 3 days a week, plus taking care of Kay is also 24-7, her daily meals, clean-ups, playtime and bedtime takes up all the rest of my time. So sometimes I don't even have time for lunch. So tell me where i can find time to myself? Daddy does his starbucks routine in the weekends, all the home repairs, mows the lawn, does laundry and tries to find time to exercise in the weekends. So there i am, doing all the same stuff in the weekends as the weekdays, without a break for myself. Unless you consider taking a 20 minutes shower a huge break. My goal for next week is to sign up for a yoga class. That'll be at least an hour of "me" time.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

my little helper

Yes, this is true...she has started helping out around the house.
Hmmm, i'm wondering when i can say this with certainty.
But she is snatching the vacuum cleaner from me while I was 'trying' to clean the house.

Before bed time...

Her classic face followed by "shiver" when we pour water over her head !

More videos

Sleep ... or the lack of ?

It's been 2 weeks in a row that Kay's been climbing in bed with us. She has been unable to go down in her own bed, which has recently been like a magnet she repels. Let's hope it's all part of the teething phase. Wish us luck.

But check out this new game that she has been playing with daddy before's pretty fun. Hhmmm now i'm thinking it's probably not the best game for winding down for bed ?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Swearing in as Canadians

These are the scenes from the ceremony. Cheeyuen actually met a fellow co-worker there and out of the 52 people swearing in, they actually ended up sitting next to us. What are the odds? But it was all good. The judge was quite a "mascot" himself. There must have been people from 15-20 different countries becoming Canadians in that room, which is the amazing thing about this country.

the balloon !

Summer fun, eating and video

Maybe there is hope after all.
Kay actually finished every single pea on her plate tonight. For dinner, she had 1/4 soft spinach tortilla wrap, 1/2 cup of peas and corn, a spoonful of my Mee Goreng and a cup of apple juice !! That is such a great achievement. And she fed herself the whole time....I must say with the help of "Wonder Pets" and "in the night Garden" on TV. My girl is finally eating...maybe her teething woes going away soon.

Here are some videos and photos of our summer spent with friends.

That teething monster and O' Canada.

My poor Kay is plagued by the teething monster. Two incisors, two upper molars and two lower molars breaking through at the same time is no fun for everyone. She hasn;t been herself. Cranking, not eating, not sleeping well and waking up screaming in blood-boiling pain. Thank goodness for pain killers. Her gums are all swollen, and we confirmed with the doctor that it wasn't anything else like ear infections. My mum didn't recall us going through this stage..hmmm... Yes, it sounds too much for a little body. She hasn't been able to go to sleep in her own crib at night anymore. I have to sit with her on the sofa in her room until she's down before putting her in her bed. And once she wakes up, she'll only go down in our bed. So what happened to training her to be independent since she was 4 months old?

By the way, Cheeyuen and I will officially become Canadians today. August 25th at 1.30pm, we are going for the swearing in ceremony in Oshawa. Apparently they'll make us sing O'Canada and take the oath in English and French. We'll post photos in the next update. This is kinda of a big milestone for us ... establishing our home permanently in canada.

For Kay, the big milestone is being able to tell us when she peed or pooed in her diaper. She'll point at it or squat down indicating she's done it. But so far, she hasn't done it in the potty.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Civic Holiday blues...

What's all the hype about long weekends ? It's pretty much the same as any weekend, long or short. It kinda feels like that when Kay is not napping well or eating well. It's frustrating really. You can't get anything done but you still feel exhausted at the end of the day. I think it's probably the teething. Her incisors (or fang teeth) are cutting through the gums. The molars are also emerging. So the pain must be pretty unbearable the buckets of drool !

Well, we managed to go the petting zoo nearby and then the splash pad at the playground. All these in an attempt to tire Kay out so that she would take her nap. And it worked. She is now napping finally at 5pm in the evening...seems a bit screwed up cos' it almost close to dinner/ night time. But what are we gonna do ? Just go with the flow.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer time in the backyard

I just realize it's almost impossible to keep this blog updated as often as i like. Now Kay is watching TV as i'm typing this. So i guess i have to choose between turning my baby into a couch potato (which she already is ... ) and keeping the blog updated.

It's fun times for us this summer with Kay being 17 months coming on 18. She is speaking her own language and communicating like a real adult. I guess photos will tell the story better than words.
All i wish now is for Kay to eat her meals properly.... she is not a big fan the food I make. Makes me feel so dejected every time. She doesn't even want to try it sometimes. Well, at least she ate half of the oatmeal-whole wheat-blueberry-pancakes that I make from scratch. I try my packaged food, cooked fresh and organic if the price is not too much. But I'm not getting the response from her. All she wants to eat are biscuits, wheat puffs and rice cakes. So wish us luck with the eating.