Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer time in the backyard

I just realize it's almost impossible to keep this blog updated as often as i like. Now Kay is watching TV as i'm typing this. So i guess i have to choose between turning my baby into a couch potato (which she already is ... ) and keeping the blog updated.

It's fun times for us this summer with Kay being 17 months coming on 18. She is speaking her own language and communicating like a real adult. I guess photos will tell the story better than words.
All i wish now is for Kay to eat her meals properly.... she is not a big fan the food I make. Makes me feel so dejected every time. She doesn't even want to try it sometimes. Well, at least she ate half of the oatmeal-whole wheat-blueberry-pancakes that I make from scratch. I try my packaged food, cooked fresh and organic if the price is not too much. But I'm not getting the response from her. All she wants to eat are biscuits, wheat puffs and rice cakes. So wish us luck with the eating.