Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yeah ! Many first Words + Pee Pee !

"Shoes, Ball, Fish, Cat, Dog, Bird, *snort*snort > for pig, *coccocco > for chicken, *moomoo > for cow, *roar ! > for lion or shark or tiger, *thish>for please, Open, Door, Oh-Oh !, Da-da, *ma ma > for milk, *arter > for water, Up, *un, two, three, for > counting, More, All Done, *Po po > for grandma, Hot" ... for anything that is remotely warm or even cold...is hot.

Kay's repertoire of words are growing and it's fun to watch. We were exclaiming why the English language is so complicated. Kay understands the concept of *Open*, so she uses it for everything from *opening the door *opening (flipping) the pages of a book *opening the box *opening (twisting) the lid of a bottle...

And even though both Kay and I are down with the Cough and Cold of the fall season, we are really really proud today. She did her first pee pee in the potty today (October 7th) since we bought the thing almost 2 months ago. We were just doing our normal bath routine of stripping down and she would normally go sit in the potty for (2 seconds) to "pretend" to pee pee (we call it "she she")....only that this time, she actually made a face and there was real pee in the pot ! I was so happy to see pee ! Never would I think of being happy about such things but here I am clapping and cheering at the yellow liquid.

But we are both down with a bad cold...sore throat, cough and all. So our Thanksgiving roadtrip to NYC to visit Joyce and Megan are cancelled. We will have to postpone it to another weekend for sure. Finally ordered a Dyson vacuum cleaner through Amazon and it's now sitting in Joyce's basement in NY.