Thursday, February 5, 2009

flu season number 3

It's increasingly hard to keep this blog updated. Doesn't help that my head feels like it's weighed down onto the floor. It's been almost a week now, and I'm still feeling terrible from the sinus cold and cough. I think I have just witnessed the inevitable that just happened... 3 coughs from Kay. She might have caught it...and that is just not good. We just keep passing it back and forth ...wonder when it's going to end. Really looking forward to some warmer weather now.

Chinese New Year went in a flash. Dinner with friends and lots of food. Then Superbowl sunday last week...again lots of food. That's when I start having the cold.

Anyway, Kay has been a great help nowadays, or at least she tries to be. She is eager to run an errand or pick stuff up from the floor and throw it into the garbage or point out to me where it's dirty .... yes, the house isn't spic and span ... and my baby is telling me to clean up.

Cheeyuen met up with his cousin Lawrence here last week ... one of the first few family visiting us. He is here on an exchange program in the university of Waterloo. Hopefully we'll see him again before he leaves.