Sunday, March 29, 2009

Report on our Toddler ... Year 2 check-up

I guess I should have blogged on her actual Birthday ... but it just went by so quickly.
Just an update on the Chuck-E-Cheese party on the 21st. The 4 birthday stars in order of age :
Niall, Paige, Kay and Mina had a blast with Chuck-E ! They had ice-cream cake, kiddie rides, tossed basketballs, drove race-cars, had Chuck-E sing their birthday song, and went home with so many gifts ! They are spoilt for sure ..but lucky to have great friends...mommies and daddies included. After the party we were watching the video from the party over and over for maybe the 50th time today.

We went for her milestone 2-year check-up at the doctors. 29 lbs (13.5kg) and 84 cm tall is the latest record. Realized that we haven't been keeping track of these statistics for sometime now.

Here are some of her 2 year "achievements":
Kay's latest dig is playing the Dora video that Auntie Thubee got her, reading her book about Dogs, playing with the pots and pans in HER kitchen, chopping HER toy veges and fruits and serving mommy and daddy plastic Sushi. She is saying her numbers 1 to 5 pretty well now and hums the "twinkle twinkle little star" while she is "cooking". She is into wearing Jeans because she sees mommy putting them on everyday. She picks out her own socks and shoes everyday. She's hates wearing her hair up in a pony tail or any hairclips. She can put on her pants (sometimes), and has poo pooed in her potty 3 times ! She can spot airplanes in the sky, and imitates birds singing on the trees. She loves the slide and is quite a dare-devil at it. She is following instructions pretty well most of the time when she wants to. She loves carrying her baby and blanket everywhere she goes ... and i mean EVERYWHERE ! What will we do without them.

Thanks to everyone for the great and thoughtful gifts. I'm leaving some in the basement to be opened on rainy days...and when i need to switch the toys around.
Photos from the party are all on Kay's photo site.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We're TWO !

Yeah ... the big TWO !
We just had dinner with close friends and kept the party small this year ... only with Richard as the other toddler. Figured that it would be easier to handle than 5 or 6 like last year. Thanks guys for all the gifts. Kay is spoilt by all the people she loves ... Mike , Art, Thubee and Julien went crazy with the books this year. And thanks to Aunty Lydia and Uncle David for the dress and plush toys ... We could probably built a Dr. Seuss collection by the time she turns 3. Kay is really into Dogs and Dora at this point so the 2 immediate favourites are the ones that Aunty Thubee got her....thanks to mommy for the hints. Kay was so tired from running around with Little Richard and playing with Julien, that bed time was a snap.

This year, we did chinese food. But I think I'll opt for an easier, less greasy and less time-consuming option next time. Spend almost the whole day in the kitchen, even though i do enjoy cooking and baking. Thanks to Cheeyuen for cleaning up the mess... I just had to put Kay to bed and all the dishes were done !

Anyway, just an update on the potty front...we had 2 successful poo poos and 1 pee pee since the last report. I guess turning 2 was indeed a huge milestone.

More photos are now being uploaded onto our Picasa site.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally ... victory at the potty.

March 9th, 10pm ... Kay made her first poo poo in the potty !
She felt it coming and she asked to go to the potty... it was a success. We said our farewell and flushed it down the toilet. Never have we felt so excited for something so nasty.
We'll report more updates on this issue soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

chi-mish ...and other words

Funny funny words are now spoken by our little Kay.
Here's a glossary / translation:

1) Chi-mish = Finish
2) cho-church = chocolate
3) Muffin = Play the Muffin Man song (again ... and again ...we've heard it maybe over 100 times)
4) Try = Can I try whatever you have on your plate or that yummy can of pop?
5) Ants Come Up !! = Ants are coming in through our bathroom window ...and she is terrified.

Before haircut

After Hair-cut

We gave her a second hair-cut (trim to the fringe). Didn't take it too well, after finding all the hair falling onto her t-shirt. She is such a clean-freak...keeps pointing out "Dirty" on the floors. Yes, mommy is not cleaning enough.

And we finally sold her Bumbo Seat on Craigslist...this shows her sitting on it for the last time.
Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks...2 years old !

I'm glad my business website is up and running. Except that the web-developer is taking forever to import the blog over to the website. It's been a month and she still cannot come up with a solution.'s frustrating.