Tuesday, March 3, 2009

chi-mish ...and other words

Funny funny words are now spoken by our little Kay.
Here's a glossary / translation:

1) Chi-mish = Finish
2) cho-church = chocolate
3) Muffin = Play the Muffin Man song (again ... and again ...we've heard it maybe over 100 times)
4) Try = Can I try whatever you have on your plate or that yummy can of pop?
5) Ants Come Up !! = Ants are coming in through our bathroom window ...and she is terrified.

Before haircut

After Hair-cut

We gave her a second hair-cut (trim to the fringe). Didn't take it too well, after finding all the hair falling onto her t-shirt. She is such a clean-freak...keeps pointing out "Dirty" on the floors. Yes, mommy is not cleaning enough.

And we finally sold her Bumbo Seat on Craigslist...this shows her sitting on it for the last time.
Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks...2 years old !

I'm glad my business website is up and running. Except that the web-developer is taking forever to import the blog over to the website. It's been a month and she still cannot come up with a solution. Sigh...it's frustrating.