Monday, March 16, 2009

We're TWO !

Yeah ... the big TWO !
We just had dinner with close friends and kept the party small this year ... only with Richard as the other toddler. Figured that it would be easier to handle than 5 or 6 like last year. Thanks guys for all the gifts. Kay is spoilt by all the people she loves ... Mike , Art, Thubee and Julien went crazy with the books this year. And thanks to Aunty Lydia and Uncle David for the dress and plush toys ... We could probably built a Dr. Seuss collection by the time she turns 3. Kay is really into Dogs and Dora at this point so the 2 immediate favourites are the ones that Aunty Thubee got her....thanks to mommy for the hints. Kay was so tired from running around with Little Richard and playing with Julien, that bed time was a snap.

This year, we did chinese food. But I think I'll opt for an easier, less greasy and less time-consuming option next time. Spend almost the whole day in the kitchen, even though i do enjoy cooking and baking. Thanks to Cheeyuen for cleaning up the mess... I just had to put Kay to bed and all the dishes were done !

Anyway, just an update on the potty front...we had 2 successful poo poos and 1 pee pee since the last report. I guess turning 2 was indeed a huge milestone.

More photos are now being uploaded onto our Picasa site.