Friday, July 3, 2009

ABC's and the Cat in the Hat

Alpine strawberries from our backyard... pretty yucky, but Kay likes to eat them off the bush.

Hanging out with the cat Te-a

daddy's little girl

Her little friend Gabe.
April rains, May showers and June storms have come and gone. I can't believe the last blog was during Easter. So much has changed with our dear Kay. She has learned so much in the past couple of months, it'll be a shame if we didn't document it in some way.

Let's start backwards since we are now into July already.
Canada day (July 1st) was not much of an event for us cos' mummy dear (me) was so tired and a little sick from all the working late nights for the past week. But anyhow we managed to squeeze in some time at Lionel's Farm in the morning with Kay's little friend Gabriel. Haven't seen him for over a year now. I think we caught a glimpse of them striking a conversation at some point while feeding the animals. The last time they met they were both babies and Kay still had her funky hair-do.

As toddlers in their terrible 2s, there is a lot of fun and lots more work too. Learning her ABCs everyday, she knows all the Alphabets now and associates them with the words that begin with them. So she would read the words on the magazine or newspapers like this : "LIFE" would be "Lion, Iguana, Flamingo, Elephant". Pretty cool huh ! Plus she knows all her animals as well.
Wonder where she gets her genius from. And I guess I have to tell this story over again, though many friends have heard it. We stopped at a STOP sign one day and Kay said." Mommy look ! Octagon." I was impressed at how quickly she learned her shapes and her colours as well. All within 2 months ... And we have to thank Auntie Thubee for the awesome Birthday gift called "Teach MY Toddler" ...a system of learning tools developed by a mother. It really helped speed up the learning process cos' she was really interested in the flashcards and foam puzzles. I guess making learning part of playing does help a lot. So at 2 years 3 months, she knows her alphabets, shapes, colours ....and we are still working on the numbers. We have moved the number puzzle to the bathroom so she can play with the numbers while bathing. I guess Math will be a challenge in the coming years.

On the potty training front, we have achieved a lot in the past week. I'm seeing a full-filled potty chart in one week. We have no more space for stickers...may have to start a new chart soon. I should say Kay is now potty trained at 2 years and 3 months. We only went through 3-4 diapers in 4 days. Pretty good progress. Dora and boots are the still the favourite stickers to go on the chart.

Story books are her favourite sit-down activity, besides the TV of course. Dr Seuss's series of ABC books, Go Dog Go and the Cat in the Hat are her favs now. And we also have Olivia, Timmy is a big boy and Ladybug Girl. Not forgetting the Dora, Little Mermaid and The Incredible stories. We are watching Ice Age I & II, and Madagascar and playing the ABC game on the computer.

She is forming sentences that comprise of more than ten words in a string ...sometimes more. Most of the time only making sense to herself. But of course, mummy can translate them easily. Naps are a scarce commodity these days. Once a day, lasting for an hour or less. But according to Auntie Dorin (her babysitter) she still naps her 2 hours everyday.

We are thinking of moving her to her big girl bed by end of the year. It will be a tough transition cos' we are all so comfortable with her sleeping next to us now.