Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mum ... it's OK.

It's time to officially announce that we are potty trained. I think it has been 2 weeks of clean diapers in the house. We are still working on the nap time pees but that is negligible. Really proud of Kay for just "getting it" so quickly. Eveything happened within 4 days... in the weekend. No diapers, lots of laundry for one day and we're done. I must say she is a pretty smart kid....very in tune with her body and is starting to be able to control it.

Just before bedtime today, she showed us that she knows how to control my computer the mouse and "click" on the play button to make the video re-play again. I mean ...she is two and I didn't even tell her where the play button is. She just figured it out by watching me do it.

And when your toddler tries to calm you down ... you know she is growing up. Mummy (me truly) has been rather short tempered recently, finding myself yelling or getting mad because she simply doesn't listen. But Kay would turn around, give me a hug and say "it's ok mummy, Kay Kay is here....its' ok mummy". How can anyone be angry after that? And recently, she has been calling me "mum" .... sounded like some teenager !