Friday, March 19, 2010

Kay is three !

Our little baby turns three yesterday. It was just me and my princess with some cupcakes and candles during lunch today. No big bang birthday party or cakes yet, she has been down with a cold and fever for the past 5 days. Today is Day-6 of mummy staying at home with her. No nanny, no work meetings no phone calls, just me and a sick toddler. But the weather has been so nice that we actually managed to get some fresh air, in between the periods of her medicine kicking in and when she is feeling more energetic. Kay rode her Tricycle all by herself for the first time. Peddled and steered (with some success) with no help. This will be the beginning of many firsts in learning for our 3 year old. And we took a walk in our backyard today, played around on the swing and slide and checked out the damage that winter did to our vegetable patch. The alpine strawberry plants are actually growing already, and tulips are poking up from the ground. Spring is indeed here. Even the cats miss the sunshine. We let Te-a our cat out into the patio for a little while and she was just sprawling around.

Happy birthday Kay... hope you get well soon.