Thursday, March 15, 2012

An overwhelming feeling of love

It's becoming harder and harder to find time to write a blog. It's no excuse as this is the best way to keep track and document "the story of Kay" as she is growing up. Well, Kay will be celebrating her 5th birthday this sunday. It seems like yesterday that she was a baby with spiky hair.

Anyway i was sent home with some homework that I have to do for her Birthday celebration in school on March 20th. So I might as well write it in here. According to true Montessori tradition, the school that Kay is in (Progressive Montessori Academy) will have a ritual called the "Celebration of Life". It is a done during circle time, where a candle is lit to represent the moment of birth. The child will walk once around the circle to represent each year of life. A candle is lit each time the child walks around the sun while "The Story of Kay Lim" is being read aloud. So here I am... having to write the story down.

How do you sum up 5 years in one paragraph ? Ok here we go.


"The STORY of KAY Lim - Age 5"
Kay was born on March 18th 2007. It was a Sunday around 7pm, in Toronto Ontario, Canada, North America on the planet earth. She had to be held and taken care of all the time, couldn't talk to mom or dad what was needed; had to wear diapers; drank lots of milk and slept most of the time. By 3 months she could sit up by herself, and made some new friends in Stouffville (Niall, Paige, Mina & Caitlin). By 6 months she was crawling and by 9 months she had 2 front teeth poking through her gums.

When Kay was 1 year old, she could walk on her own. And she loved to talk, but in her own language. She also travelled to Singapore (in Asia) and took the plane for the first time. She was still scared of Santa Claus and had spiky hair.

At 2 years old, Kay had 3 successful attempts at the potty. Her favourite things were Dogs and Dora. She loved to be read stories like Go Dogs Go and poems. She could also sing many songs.

At 3 years old, Kay rode her tricycle for the first time. She loved posing in front of the camera and dancing. She had her first dance recital on stage. She still loved music, reading and can speak in full sentences. She was still with her nanny at this time and loved to play with her nanny's kids (Sarah and Stephen). They have become good friends and Kay has become a part of their family as well.

At 4 years old, Kay went to Progressive Montessori Academy and started her first year in school. She travelled to Asia and New Zealand to see her grandparents and spent her 4th birthday in Nelson, New Zealand. She still loves to read, dance, sing and play hide-n-seek. She could play some tunes on the keyboard and recorder. She could also ride her bike (with training wheels) on her own. She was scared of the Strawberry Festival mascot and spiders...and still is.

And now Kay is 5 years old! She can dress, go the washroom, wash her hands and eat her meals by herself (most of the time, with mommy screaming at her to "hurry up"). We are so proud that she can write her name in Chinese characters and starting to spell words on her own. Her favourite colour is Green and Blue, favourite food is chocolate, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. Her favourite thing to do is ride her bike when the weather is nice, play "connect 4" with her mum and dad and beat them at it ! Her favourite book is _____ and there are a lot. ( will have to ask her)


So, there we go. The Story of Kay in whole long breath.
My homework is done, but I'm glad I got to go back and look at all the events that happened in our journey together. It has been so much fun and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Will update with photos of the party on Sunday.